To Take Or Not to Take Psychiatric Medication


The topic of psychiatric medication can be a hot button. Are medications helpful? Are medications used as an unnecessary crutch? Psychiatric medication can be used as a medication that affects the mental state and can be used to treat a mental health diagnosis. For example, medications that assist with depression, anxiety or delusions among other symptoms would be considered psychiatric medication. There are many considerations when deciding to take or not to take psychiatric medications.

Even though therapists don’t agree on when and when psychiatric medication is appropriate. While most therapists seem to assess situations on a case by case basis, the discussion of the use of medications often brings out the polarity in few professionals. The professionals will say medication is never OK and others seem to believe that medication is the answer to all that ails you Medical Condition.

You are an individual and your needs will not necessarily match another person’s needs. Everyone should be assessed to see if medication is suitable intervention. Medication will not always be the correct treatment.

If you do the internet search on overuse of psychiatric medications – the pages of the matches will pop up with articles detailing concerns about excess use of psychiatric medication. Medication is not best used to minimize appropriate emotions. Sometimes you just might sad or angry. Sometimes you might go through a rough time. Have you suffered a loss? You may feel loss periodically for a couple of years or longer. Humans are emotional and are acceptable to have emotions without necessarily needing medication. Part of being human is sometimes feeling a little out of control of situations. You may miss out on some of the joy and trials of your life journey.

Conversely, there are situations where psychiatric medication makes the difference from living a life of unmanageable anxiety, fear, or depression to having a manageable, content life. Individual reasons cannot function because of mental health issues, medication may be appropriate.

It seems beneficial to think carefully about taking psychiatric medication. Don’t dismiss the idea of ​​not answering all your problems either. Even with medication you will have good and bad days. Be open but trust your instincts. Try also not to let feelings of shame make the decision for you. There is nothing shameful about utilizing psychiatric medication. Review of the input from others but make the decision that is best for you.

Also, consider where you get the prescription for psychiatric medication. Many people get psychiatric prescriptions from their primary care doctor. If you are thinking of starting a psychiatric medication think about, at least beginning with having a medication evaluation with psychiatry – especially if you aren’t in therapy. A psychiatrist is specifically trained in psychiatric medications and may know more information about the drug and have more experience with side effects and how to treat manages symptoms. There are exceptions when you might use your primary care doctor. Does your primary care doctor might know you extremely well? Have you already been on medication for a long time and are you stable? Are you integrated in other assisting services with mental health? When choosing a prescriber think about how you can go to primary care for you, why would you go to primary care doctor? Decide and do what will be best (maybe not address) for you.

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