Electronic Score Boards


Different kind of sport including athletics, road biking, running events, road biking and mountain bike, swimming, synchronized swimming, diving in addition to in line skating, water polo, ball spots, motorsports, alpine skiing, cross country and biathlon are some of the areas where Digital score boards perfect fits solutions for. Adopting the current technologies these boards provides high brightness flat panel displays plus can be an extra advantage.

Electronics Scoreboards offers good noise and powerful bulbs, which totally alter the consequence of this match. In football, basketball, hockey, volleyball at which time is so crucial and it’s displayed continuously on the scoreboards reducing with every minutes. Afterward leave the match with the realistic noise of the buzzer as period finishes!


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Today allow the plank does the work with you. At the present, there is no opportunity to keep counting every thing in mind as you’re playing. When you always keep counting the dent in your mind then how will you concentrate the mind in the match? That is not your job. Let the plank to do instead of you.

Some Digital Scoreboards features a potent horn platform (in automatic mode), which is used to indicate the start and ending of a match, and the start and ending of an intermission span. Such systems have manual’reevaluate’ facility, enabling the horn for use at any given time in a match for fouls, emergencies, etc..

Electronic Scoreboards utilize high brightness LEDs for optimum visibility and definition having a full-color range, greater brightness and a great choice of layouts.

In LED technology, display modules containing red, green and blue LEDs make up each pixel. Each module can have between three or four LEDs inside it (just one red, one green and one blue) or dozens of them plus typically include 4mm into 4cm (roughly 0.2directly into 1.5in). To create a scoreboard with LED technology, tens of thousands of those light emitting diode modules are integrated in a grid. The size of the screen depends on the size of the light emitting diode modules.

Superb technology, outstanding visual clarity, easy create and use are the elements that attracts most sports events to install that the event is being executed.

A pioneer in the sphere of Digital signs, Jayex Technology specializes in creating personalized visual presentation solutions for its sports together having scoreboards out there at the store. Specializing in solution for many sports places, Jayex Technology are suppliers of solutions such as scoring, sports time, message display information centers and clocks/time techniques.

Electronic score boards display approaches have been placed in smart, lightweight, wall-mounted enclosure built using polypropylene panels within an extruded aluminium frame.

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