The Easiest Way to Sell In Print – By Eliminating Foot Bunions?


When you’re selling in print, don’t make the mistake of trying to be cute, creative, or any of that.

The biggest mistake most business owners make is assuming their advertising will automatically be READ. The truth of the matter is this – no one is obligated to read your marketing – EVER.

No one stops what they’re currently doing to read your ad. As much as you don’t want to believe this – you’re not that important to them.

But here’s what you should realize — You can become VERY important to your prospect… if you talk about what’s important to THEM.

You see, one of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome as a copywriter is realizing how ‘unimportant’ I am to my prospects. I’m not the driving force in their life they wake up to hear from everyday.

And here’s why –

People have LIVES. Responsibilities. Struggles. Drama. And sometimes – happiness Forso A ulasan.

THIS is the stuff that dominates their minds – not your advertisement.

So, if you want prospects to read your ad… if you want them to make you important in their lives… then talk about what’s important to them.

Take bunions for example… (I know you were waiting for me to get to that… )

I’ve never had one, but from what I’ve been told – they hurt. They not only hurt – they drive you crazy.

Now picture this – can you imagine walking around ALL DAY, moving from place to place, putting out little fires here and there at work with no end in sight… and never having the opportunity to sit down and catch your breath…

… with a huge, PAINFUL bunion on your foot??

Imagine running around all day and taking THOUSANDS of steps in uncomfortable, yet ‘professional’ shoes.

Now… imagine you’re selling a product that helps people eliminate their bunions.

How would you write the ads for this product?

Would you talk about the logo, or the chemical it’s made out of, or focus on the ‘image’ of the product?

If you’re crazy, (and possibly broke) would.

But if you’re smart – you simply tap into the powerful benefit (what’s important to the prospect… )

Here’s how I would start off writing that ad..

“How to Instantly Get Rid of Your Painful Bunion In as Little As 60 Seconds… ”

Clever, isn’t it?

I didn’t mess around with a lot of stuff that’s important to me. My prospects don’t care about me. They only care about what’s important to them.

So if they’re running around all day trying to get rid of the pain a bunion creates – it’s my job to tap into that pain and struggle and show them I’m the person who can help relieve that pain.

There’s another HUGE secret to writing great ads in this article. Did you get it? If you didn’t, read it again and see if you can find it.

When you write your ads with your prospects concerns in mind, you’re in a much better position to receive the sale when they’re ready to buy.

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