Discover the Magic of the InterNetwork Marketing Funnel – Your Success Toolbox – Part 2


You should now be more familiar with the marketing funnel and about how you can “flip” it for your business. In this article you will learn how to make this powerful concept work for you and explore the InterNetwork Marketing Success Toolbox.

So in order to explain how “flipping the funnel” works for InterNetwork Marketing, I would like to invite you to take a closer look at the Success Toolbox and see how it works at the different stages of your funnel and megaphone:

Step 1: Generate Traffic – Making “strangers” find you

Obviously it all starts with TRAFFIC. While creating traffic is relatively easy, the real key to your success is to generate TARGETED traffic. The more targeted your traffic, the more profitable your internetwork marketing business will be. In the coming weeks we will discuss several proven and highly targeted traffic generation methods, but an easy yet extremely powerful way to jumpstart your business is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising clickfunnels pricing plan. PPC marketing, as it is also know, allows you to quickly create and direct a flow of high quality prospects into your funnel. A word of caution though: PPC is paid advertising, and so you don’t waste either time or money, I highly recommend the following Google AdWords resource that will get you up to speed in no time and put you ahead of at least 90% of your competition.

Step 2: Capture Leads – Turning “strangers” into “friends”

As your traffic generating efforts are starting to pay off, you next challenge is to turn your visitors from “strangers” into “friends”. You can accomplish this by giving them something of value (usually an info-product such as an ebook or audio file) and gaining their permission to continue “talking” to them. This is why defining this “doorway” into your funnel and getting it right is absolutely critical. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so again you want to use the best tools available out there.

For the top choice of Lead Capture Page and Google AdWords resources, please refer to the InterNetwork Marketing Success Toolbox below.

By the way, there are several terms used here: gateway page, landing page, squeeze page or opt-in page, it’s all the same!

Step 3: Monetize Your List – Turning “friends” into “customers”, and “customers” into “salespeople”

Finally – in fact, this is where it all really begins – you need to nurture the relationship and build trust between you and your new “friends”. And remember this is a two way process. You are also allowing these “friends” to self-select themselves so you only invest time for and focus on building long lasting relationships with the right ones. This is where your Autoresponder tool will come to your help. As you don’t have time to speak individually to each new “friend” you want to be able to communicate with them in a series of emails. Your autoresponder allows you to put this process on autopilot. Of course, you invite them to get in touch with you for any questions – but you don’t ever need to chase them or cold call them.

You then invite your self qualified friends to consider your product, service or business opportunity, or whatever else your have to offer. With internet network marketing, again you have tools to do the job for you, so your business can work for you 24/7 anywhere in the world. Your website, and your online demo, video or presentation, can give the best sales pitch each and every time for you and your team. If you are part of one of the new generation network marketing companies like myself, you will most likely have those tools readily available to you.

As your perfect sales pitch is delivered, some “friends” will turn into “customers” right away. Most of the time, however, you will need to follow-up and address their questions before they can decide. But in any case, as successful internet network marketers know, the fortune is in the follow-up. Always do your utter best to have happy and satisfied “customers”, so that they eventually become your best “salespeople”. Next, make it easy for them to be your spokespeople by using viral marketing for instance. If you are in network marketing, remember that your distributors are your primary “customers”. You will also want to use online training tools as much as possible to create the maximum leverage for yourself and the best duplicatable success formula.

As a final note, let me summarize below a few specific tools that I have selected for my own use:

Google AdWords
Lead Capture Page

If you want to get those tools for yourself, visit the InterNetwork Marketing Success Toolbox.

I think you now get the picture and maybe understand better why InterNetwork Marketing is bound to be the next big thing!

Copyright Luc Andria

You have full permission to publish and distribute the above article electronically, in print, in your e-zine, website or e-book free of charge provided this entire resource box and the links in the article are kept intact.

A Harvard-educated seasoned entrepreneur and marketing expert, Luc Andria leads GelDiamonds to create leveraged global residual income.

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Affiliate Marketing With the Affiliate Funnel System


When you’re starting out in internet marketing, there are a couple of choices you need to make, the main one is what are you going to market, the main choices are affiliate products, Advertising – the way of AdSense (or similar system) or direct products, like Amazon or click junction. Most people go for Advertising space to start with, but in the end this is one of the hardest to make a living off. Then most people start into the Affiliate Marketing, but aren’t sure what to do. Most people go into affiliate marketing using the same methods as they used in AdSense websites, and don’t get results at all and don’t know why.

The main reason is that when you pushing advertising, you don’t need to worry if your visitors are looking for what you are selling, a certain amount of them are going to click on your ads anyway, But as you move into affiliate sales, or real product sales in general clickfunnels pricing plan, that changes. If someone is doing research, or just browsing because they are bored they’ll click on an ad here and there, but won’t buy anything. This is a major thing when it comes to affiliate marketing; you need to attract the people who are looking to buy products, and not just people that are browsing for information.

I have been using the Affiliate funnel system for a little while now, and have found that it shows you step by step on how to get the right people to your website. What it taught me was something i never thought about. It was a big mistake that I, and every other beginner internet marketer makes but isn’t aware of, and that is your mis-targeting your keywords and phrases. What does that mean?

Well let’s say you’re looking to sell sail boards, and someone is searching for “sail board locations”, they aren’t going to be looking to buy thing, when you are targeting for advertising clicks, this doesn’t matter, as long as you get the traffic, somebody will click, they always do. Now if you where to target a phrase like “Cheap Sail board in LA”, now it might only get 1% of the visitors that “sail board locations” gets, but when you get the visitors to your website, you know they are looking to buy a product, because that is what they searched for!

This is one of the many things that the Affiliate Funnel system teaches you. They go in depth into other extremely important area’s as well, like Landing pages, opt in lists and much more. If you are serious about internet marketing, it is a product that you should check out, it’ll save you hundreds of hours of testing out various methods.

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Reverse Funnel System Review Facts – Does This System Really Work Or is it Just All Hype?


If you have been looking around in the MLM community for the last two years or so, you will have heard all the hype around the reverse funnel system. But, what is the truth of all this and is it just a scam or really worthwhile?

What the reverse funnel system really boils down to is that it is a lead generation and funded proposal system for a specific company created by Ty Coughlin. The site converts very well to leads and a final sale for the main network marketing opportunity as well.

Essentially what that really means is that the reverse funnel system is a “front end” system for a MLM business. The funded proposal component of it creates income at the beginning of your sales funnel through the marketing of a $50 application fee which grants you access to the entire business model.

The system acts as a front end for Global Resorts International which is essentially a travel services company. The system itself does convert quite well to network marketing leads, and in turn sales for the main business, earning the user a commission of $1000 per sale clickfunnels discount 55 off.

In summary, is the reverse funnel system the real deal or is it just full of hype? It is an awesome package on the front end coupled with an excellent business opportunity on the back end.

But, if you do decide to market the reverse funnel system, your success really depends on what extent and how thoroughly you market it. Really breaking out and using content marketing, pay per click marketing and venues like that is what generates leads, sales, and a long term business.

So, to really effectively market the it, you are going to need to learn online lead generation tactics, and become proficient at it.

To learn more about how to properly market things like the reverse funnel system, read below and click on the link for more information.

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