What to Look for in Choosing Your Steam Iron


Though a steam iron is a common household item, it is not a toy in any stretch of the imagination. With the level of heat and steam produced with wattage and amperage consumption that beats some larger professional tools and other sizable appliances, it’s easy to suffer severe burns which could lead to serious infection. Not to mention the many homes that have been set ablaze. However, with all the safety features built into them, most accidents are not due to product failure but the user’s shortcomings. Having said that, there is not reason to fear having one in your home. They have been necessities for thousands of years in one form or another. But for today’s user, what should you look for in making that purchase?

First and foremost is heat and steam capacity. plancha a vapor vertical Those two items are what does the work for you. It shouldn’t be a physical task requiring brute strength. In a quality steam iron, every care is taken to make sure it glides over your garments. The heat needed to achieve that is produced by the number of watts it consumes. You should look for no less than 1700 watts. All steam irons are not created equal. Some will state the desired wattage, but if the circuitry is not up to par, it will burn out in no time.

The next thing to look for is cord thickness and length. Anything less than six feet is bound to be a hassle. Because of the large amount of wattage use by steam irons, it’s best to not use an extension cord. They can overheat and cause an electrical fire, hence the reason for a suitable length cord that comes with the iron. Also, using an extension cord increases the risk of electric shock due to not fully inserting the cord prongs into the extension cord. That could cause a shock by someone stepping on the ill fitted plug and socket or by touching the prongs while trying to unplug the iron. So make sure to ask if ordering or extend the cord while in the store. Be sure to take a feel of the cord, too. Cords that are too small will burn out quicker from the wattage demands of specialty steam irons that make your work easier. Depending on where it shorts and how severe, that could cause a fire, burn your ironing board cover, your garment or worse, burn you. So take choosing yours seriously. There’s a lot more on the line than you think.

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