Why We’re Loving Leather Cable Wraps

Anyone who carries any form of technology around with them these days has dealt with the pain of cables and wires. Since almost everyone at the very least, has a smartphone you would have to be a complete luddite for this to be a nonissue for you. For us, with a smartphone, a laptop and an e-reader to carry around, our bags are constantly filled with a rat’s nest of wires and cables at the bottom. Even if you just want to travel light and carry just a smartphone with you, you’ve got at least two cables to deal with: the charger and the headphones. Stick these two in your pockets and you’ve got to do some untangling every time you want to actually listen to some music on your phone or charge it up. This is why we’re loving leather cable wraps and absolutely swearing by them.

Wireless is not the answer, yet.

Like many manufacturers and a large chunk of the tech industry, we tried to cut down on our dependence upon wires in the last year. We bought a bunch of different bluetooth headphones to use but ran into a number of issues immediately. Firstly and most importantly, the quality of audio was always rubbish or slightly better than rubbish. No matter how many models we tried, we came away disappointed and we soon realised the problem was not one of quality or of implementation but a basic constraint of the bluetooth audio specification. It was simply bot designed for high fidelity sound. We also tried wireless charging and decided to go with the Qi charging standard since it seems to be the most popular We purchased Qi charging compatible phone cases for our iPhone and bought the charging cradle but it didn’t solve the issues of cables. We still had to carry around the base along with its cable and plug it in whenever we needed to charge. Also, the changing was slower and our phones got too hot while charging. The last straw was that if we were carrying bluetooth headphones, we had to carry a phone charging cable for them anyway so it was back to the drawing board. We had tried a number of different cable wraps and wire organisers made of materials like plastic but when we discovered leather cable wraps, we knew we had the answer.

Why Leather Cable Wraps.

The reason is that leather being soft and pliable is extremely comfortable to carry in your pocket, not just at the bottom of a bag. Since it is soft and doesn’t scratch anything, you can even carry your headphones with a cable wrap on them in the same pocket as your phone; safe in the knowledge that your screen or the body of your phone is not going to get scratched or scuffed. The other reason is that leather is extremely durable and unlike plastic wraps, there is almost zero chance of ever breaking it in two or damaging your leather cable wraps. Short of actually taking a very sharp pair of scissors to them, they are practically indestructible. So, unless you deliberately try to ruin them, they will last forever. The next very compelling reason is that they look really good and also feel very good in your hands and in your pockets. This won’t matter as much to people who carry their cables only in bags but it still stands. So, while leather cable wraps may seem like a very low-tech and indeed stop gap solution to your cable woes, for us, they are the most practical solution right now.

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